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Jamie Leonard MEd LPC-S

“I started seeing Jamie after experiencing some personal life issues. Jamie is a great listener and she has the knowledge and experience to counsel you during the tough times of life. Jamie is very compassionate but she also is unbiased when needed.”

“I met Jamie 4.5 years ago when some significant changes were happening in my life, and I was at a crossroads needing a little help. The very first thing I noticed with Jamie was the calm energy. So many therapists/counselors come across with the whole clinical approach. Jamie is totally opposite. She cares and you know it the minute you meet her. If you are in a place in life where you need a little help, Jamie is the one to call.”

“I began working with Jamie in 2005 when my personal life was at an all time low. Jamie’s caring and unique approach to counseling has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Through divorce, death, and a mid-life career change, Jamie worked with me to embrace my core values, accept myself, and encouraged me to make my life into what I wanted it to be. The tools Jamie helped me develop have truly changed the way I live my life. My current happiness and success can be directly traced to my work with Jamie.”

“Two years ago my life came to a crashing downfall. I was filled with pain, guilt, and confusion of the things that had occurred in my life . A friend recommended that I seek out a therapist to help me during this time. I was very resistant- I never would have consider ” ME” the type to sit on a couch and discuss my life’s issues. Nevertheless, I did and I found Jamie. Honestly the pain was so piercing that I didn’t care what Jamie had to say. I sat on the couch week after week, in a complete daze ; sometimes, even being very antagonistic to Jamie. I vocally questioned if she could help someone like me. After about six months, the answer became so clear and it was yes. Jamie worked thru my hurt and my frustrations. She listened without judgement. When I gave up, she fought for my healing. Jamie’s tenacious spirit allowed me to gradually open up. I am very blessed to have a therapist who is passionate and concerned about my well- being.”

“I started seeing Jamie in 2014. She helped me get through the toughest time in my life. Without her counseling and support I do not know where I would be in life. Jamie listens and she offers expert counseling and therapy. Jamie helped me see what the issues were in my life and then she helped me process those issues. She helped me develop a plan for the future. It does not matter if you or male or female, Jamie is very easy to talk to about any issue. She saved my life.”

“When I walked into Jamie’s office, I knew I had come to the right place. My personal life was a mess and I began looking for a therapist that was kind, loving, intuitive and someone I would feel comfortable telling some difficult things to. She is so the one!!! Every time I left her office I felt like I had accomplished something and things were so much more clear . She helped me with the many changes going on in my life and I now love that person in the mirror…..I highly recommend Jamie.”