Stress Management

In today’s world, stress is something most of us can’t escape. There are triggers for stress all around us, from the pressures of our hectic schedules to noisy traffic jams to overwhelming job demands. Sometimes it may feel the stress is more than we can handle, and our lives may seem out of balance or even out of control.

Chronic stress is more than just an inconvenience. When we are unable to manage our stress, we can suffer serious medical and psychological problems. Many of us ignore moderate levels of stress and come to accept life’s pressures as normal. However, this approach won’t make our stress go away and it may make matters much worse.

Symptoms of chronic stress:
  • Physical Health Problems – Headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, stroke and heart disease can stem from high stress levels

  • Mental Health Issues – Depression, anxiety disorders and suicidal feelings may result from too much stress

  • Moodiness – Stress can cause you to be moody, irritable or angry

  • Self-Destructive Behaviors – Some people try to escape stress through substance abuse, gambling, pornography or other negative choices

  • Inability to Concentrate – Stress can make it harder for us to think clearly and to concentrate

Our careers, marriages and personal relationships can suffer when we don’t know how to handle the stress in our lives. Although it may be impossible for us to eliminate the things that cause us stress, there are many ways for us to make our lives more manageable. Stress counseling can teach us how to recognize warning signs that we are feeling stressed and can help us to develop strategies for coping. Counseling also can introduce beneficial stress management skills, communication styles and relaxation techniques.

Benefits of stress management counseling:
  • Good Health – By being proactive about stress management, you can avoid serious mental and physical health problems

  • Happiness – Stress management will help you to decrease your feelings of anger and increase your level of contentment

  • Better Problem Solving – Decreasing your stress levels will allow you to think more clearly, increase your concentration and become more focused

  • Improved Relationships – As your mood improves, your relationships with coworkers and family members also should improve

Our lives will never be stress-free. The everyday demands of our jobs, our marriages and our busy schedules will always present occasions for stress. With the support of licensed counselor Jamie Leonard, you can learn how to manage your stress so it doesn’t defeat you. Book an appointment today.