Grief Counseling

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Grieving is a natural human emotion that we all experience at some time in our lives. The death of close family members, partners or friends can cause us to feel great heartache and loss. We also may grieve because of the emptiness we feel after dramatic life changes, such as losing a spouse in a divorce or losing our job in retirement.

The grieving process takes most of us through five stages. At first, we may deny our loss and the painful feelings associated with it. In the second stage, we become angry at what has happened and we ask, “Why me?” In the third stage, we try to bargain for the changes we want to see (“If you take away my pain, I will do this …”). The fourth stage – depression – is characterized by feelings of hopelessness, frustration and self-pity. The final stage is acceptance, when our mourning subsides and we accept our loss.

Some of us find it hard to move through the grieving process, so we are unable to handle our pain in a healthy fashion. Unresolved feelings of grief can begin to affect every aspect of our lives.

Symptoms of grief:
  • Painful Feelings – Are you overwhelmed with feelings of anger, sorrow or frustration?

  • Depression – Do you have chronic feelings of sadness that won’t go away? Have you felt suicidal?

  • Relationship Problems – Are you ignoring your personal relationships or isolating yourself?

  • Mental Confusion – Are you having trouble thinking clearly?

  • Sleeplessness – Are you unable to sleep because of your loss?

  • Addiction – Have you turned to drugs or alcohol to ease your pain?

Sometimes family and friends don’t know how to help you to cope with your suffering. They may encourage you to “forget” about it and move on, not recognizing the intense emotional pain you are feeling. Grief counseling can offer you support and encouragement in this difficult time in your life.

Benefits of grief counseling:
  • Talk about your loss in a compassionate setting.

  • Find healthy ways to deal with your pain.

  • Move through the grieving process so you can accept your loss.

  • Improve your current relationships as you come to terms with your grief.

  • Learn to honor the one you’ve lost in a fitting way.

When you suffer a loss, the anguish you feel is natural and understandable, but sometimes it can be difficult to move beyond your emotional pain. Counseling can help you to find resolution and relief in a caring, encouraging atmosphere. Book an appointment today.

For more information on grief and loss, please view Focus on the’s emotional health article “Coping with Death and Grief”.