Anger Management

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Everyone feels angry at times, but an inability to control our anger can impact every facet of our lives. Anger management problems can destroy families, ruin reputations and cause lasting damage to our relationships with others. At the same time, our anger can leave us feeling out of control, helpless and depressed.

Anger problems can be fueled by our life experiences, and may result from underlying feelings of pain or inadequacy. We may use anger to try to assert control over others or to hide unpleasant feelings of rejection, guilt or shame. While our feelings might be understandable, our hot-headed behavior still may be inappropriate.

Anger warning signs:
  • Relationship Problems – Has your anger caused strained or broken relationships with friends and loved ones? Are others frightened by your rage? Have any of your relationships become abusive?

  • Community Problems – Has your career suffered because of your inability to control your temper? Have you faced legal or financial problems as a result of your anger? Has your “road rage” ever put you in a risky situation?

  • Personal Image and Health – Do your angry outbursts leave you feeling anxious, depressed or out of control? Has your self-image suffered because you are embarrassed by your behavior? Do your anger issues cause headaches or other health problems?

When you allow anger to rule your life, you are the one who pays the price. Fortunately, anger management counseling can help you to lead a happier life by teaching you how to control your reactions to everyday problems. Through counseling, you can learn how to identify the cues that trigger your anger and you can learn new ways of thinking. Treatment can help you to make better decisions when you face stressful situations.

Anger management treatment benefits:
  • Assertiveness training can teach you how to speak your mind without becoming upset and confrontational, allowing you to communicate more effectively

  • Your relationships will improve once you learn to control your angry responses and react more positively in interactions with family, friends and co-workers

  • Relaxation techniques can show you how to channel your anger and remain calm when you are facing a stressful situation

  • Conflict management skills can help you to resolve problems at home and in the workplace without being antagonistic

  • Your health and your self-image may improve as you learn how to control your reactions to difficult situations

  • Colleagues will gain new respect for you when they see your calm, unruffled approach to handling tough problems

  • You can become more effective as a parent when you learn how to adopt a firm but composed disciplinary style

Through the anger management program you can acquire the tools you need to handle your feelings in a positive way. These new skills will help you to communicate better and to build better relationships. As you learn to tame your anger, you will be able to face life’s difficult moments with cool confidence and peace of mind. Book an appointment today.