Christian Counseling for Women

Life’s trials are inescapable, but our problems do not have to defeat us. While your troubled feelings may be understandable, you do not have to accept them as a permanent part of your life. You can take charge and learn how to handle your problems in a positive way. Take the first step and let Jamie Leonard’s Christian Counseling show you the path to a better future. Jamie Leonard is a top choice for the Houston and DFW area in Counseling. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Welcome to the office of Jamie Leonard, where compassion is the key to helping you to lift those burdens and make positive changes in your life. Jamie Leonard is a licensed professional counselor and Christian therapist servicing the Houston, DFW area. Through her caring approach, Jamie creates an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and encouraged. She works one-on-one with clients in a personalized way, allowing her to respond to the unique needs of each individual.

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